Leadership & Clergy

Our Rector is head priest and pastor at Church of Our Saviour. He oversees the ongoing spiritual life and pastoral care of the congregation and church staff, coordinates our lay leadership, presides and preaches at many of our worship services, and works with the Vestry in overseeing the institutional life of the parish.

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Gerry Caprio

Our youth minister leads our Middle Saints (for middle-schoolers) and High School Youth Group and coordinates youth activities with the parish and the Youth and Family Ministries Team. Gerry brings a passion for the intersection of religion and science and interfaith relationships with his years of youth ministry experience into this position.

Rose Scarff

Our Office Administrator attends to the day-to-day business of the community, assisting the clergy and staff in their work, and coordinating the office, parish calendar, regular church worship and events. Rose also is a freelance writer and dog/housesitter.

Michael Gilbertson

Award-winning composer, church choral director, and keyboardist Michael Gilbertson directs the Choir of Our Saviour and leads music in our Sunday liturgies.

He has previously served as organist and music director in congregations in the Northeast and Midwest. In 2018, his chamber work Quartet was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in composition. He cultivates a vibrant composing career while teaching at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. During the pandemic, he has also been serving as interim organist and choir director at Christ Church, Sausalito, which has joined Church of Our Saviour in several combined musical endeavors.

Albert CampbellAlbert Campbell
Music Director Emeritus

In addition to recently serving as Music Director at Church of Our Saviour, Albert Campbell has previously served as music director in several Episcopal Churches in California, including those in Livermore, Palo Alto, and Ventura. After retiring from parish music ministry in 2019, Albert continues to work with musical groups in the Bay Area, and occasionally substitutes and directs as organist and choir director at Church of Our Saviour.

Elizabeth Mooney
Senior Warden

Our Senior Warden works closely with the Rector and the Vestry, helping oversee the fiduciary matters and mission of Church of Our Saviour. As the appointed “Rector’s warden,” she helps chair Vestry meetings and assists the Rector in leading the parish in its many programs and ministries.

Koko Peters
Junior Warden

Our Junior Warden works the Vestry, Rector, and Sexton in helping oversee the maintenance and improvement to our facility. And as “the people’s warden,” elected by the vestry, she also assists in Vestry leadership in coordination with the Senior Warden and Rector.

Our 2021-2022 Vestry:

The Rev. Br. Richard Edward Helmer (Rector), Elizabeth Mooney (Senior Warden), Koko Peters (Junior Warden), Connie Goldsmith (Clerk), Marsha Dugan, Caroline Gibbs, Drew Gloger, Nic Meredith, Katie Moore, Kathleen Piraino, Lisa Salkever, Jonathan Walker.

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Healing Team

Our Healing Team works with all the members of our staff in ensuring prayers for those who are in need, visits, and that the ancient healing sacraments of the Church are available to all of the parish. Contact Br. Richard Edward at if you have a prayer concern.

Lisa Salkever, Caroline Gibbs
and Kathy Coldiron
Pastoral Care Coordinators

Our Pastoral Care Coordinators are working closely with the Rector and and other parish leadership to live into a new initiative in 2021, COS Cares, expanding our pastoral outreach in Mill Valley and beyond. Our Coordinators also help lead the care we bring to our members and neighbors in crisis and acute need with food, check-ins, and mobilizing other essential assistance during difficult times.

Ros Patterson
Eucharistic Ministry Coordinator

Our Eucharistic Ministers and Visitors, with the help from our coordinator and staff, bring the sacrament of Holy Communion to those who cannot regularly attend our worship, and also serve in assisting administration of the sacrament during our Holy Eucharists.

Mark Tarpey-Schwed
Care of Creation Ministries Coordinator

Our Care of Creation Ministry, with the direction of our coordinator, leads our community in outreach to help in our Christian responsiblity in healing and building sustainability for our planet and its resources.

Terry Peck

Our Sexton helps maintain the church property and grounds, attending to basic repairs and maintenance.

Gay Rawlins Johnson
Altar Guild Director

Our Altar Guild Director leads the entire Altar Guild in ensuring our liturgies and worship space remain vibrant and beautiful. Often working behind the scenes, they coordinate, with the Rector and Staff, our seasonal worship customs and liturgical traditions.

Jeff Johnson

In conjunction with our Bookkeeper, our Treasurer helps maintain the financial records and works with our Stewardship Team in sustaining the finances of the parish.

Gay Rawlins Johnson

Our bookkeeper attends to the week-to-week record-keeping of the congregation. In addition to our financial ledger, she also works with our staff in overseeing other essential parish records.


June 18th

St. Anne's Circle
10:00 am
Fireside Room & Zoom

June 20th

Eucharist & Spiritual Communion in person
8:00 am

June 20th

Eucharist & Spiritual Communion in person & by Zoom
10:00 am

June 23rd

Eucharist & Spiritual Communion with Bible Study following
10:30 am

June 27th

Eucharist & Spiritual Communion in person
8:00 am

June 27th

Eucharist & Spiritual Communion in person & by Zoom
10:00 am

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