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Church of Our SaviourTune into our podcast, A Word from the Edge: faith, religion, and spiritual community at the edge of secular culture.

Provocative discussions from forums and one-on-one in-depth conversations offer a deeper look at faith and spirituality in the Bay Area and beyond.

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Book of JobListen to Episode 9:
Back to Basics
Part 3 -
Wrestling with the Text:
The Book of Job

In the third episode in our forum series “Back to Basics”, Dr. Dryden Liddle joins a deep dive into the unanswered questions of the Book of Job, looking at the ways that we interpret Scripture and grapple with one of the essential questions of the human condition:

Why do we suffer?

See slides for the forum here.

Length - 57:05 - Recorded on March 10, 2019

NicaeaListen to Episode 8:
Back to Basics
Part 2 -
Nicaea, the Emperor
and the Church

In the second episode in our forum series “Back to Basics”, we grab a glimpse into the evolution of early Christianity towards a “Catholic” faith, the political forces and debates that shaped our early theology and led ultimately to one of the cornerstones of our tradition: the Nicene Creed.

See slides for the forum here.

Length - 1:12:10 - Recorded on February 24, 2019

Early BaptisteryListen to Episode 7:
Back to Basics
Part 1 -
Jewish Roots,
Greek Mind

In the first of a forum series “Back to Basics”, members of the parish explore the early foundations of Christianity, exploring our Jewish roots and the Greek influences that informed the faith and practices of the earliest Christian communities.

See slides for the forum here.

Length - 1:01:34 - Recorded on February 10, 2019

GC 79 ForumListen to Episode 6:
The Church Speaks - General Convention 2018

Deputies from the Diocese of California join members of Church of Our Saviour to discuss highlights of our Church's triennial meeting -- General Convention -- in Austin this past July, and our ongoing work in discerning what the Church has to say both about the future of Christian mission and ministry in our time, and the pressing moral issues our world is currently facing.

Length - 1:31:01 - Recorded on August 12, 2018

Listen to Episode 5:
What's a Deacon?

DeaconsWho are deacons, and what do they do? Shortly before retiring from ministry in the parish, Margaret Trezevant talks about the journey that she took in becoming a deacon and the distinctive service deacons bring to Christian community.

Length - 34:31 - Recorded on November 14, 2017

Listen to Episode 4:
Windows on the Reformation

Luther and his ThesesAs we commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, Dr. Dryden Liddle offers insights into the actions of Martin Luther and the movement he helped found that would radically alter Western Christianity and society. Br. Richard Edward follows up with an exploration of the English Reformation, its roots and unique character among the reforming movements of the sixteenth century, and the unsettled reforming zeal it planted deep in the spiritual DNA of Anglicanism.

Slides accompanying this forum are available.

Length - 1:20:00 - Recorded on November 12, 2017

Dietrich BonhoefferListen to Episode 3:
Bonhoeffer's Discipleship -
A Christ-Centered Life

Guest Michael Morison examines the role of Christ in Dietrich Bonhoeffer's life, work, and theology through his discipleship lived in the tumult of Nazi Germany and a World War. In prison, Bonhoeffer reflected on a "world come of age." What does Bonhoeffer have to offer to the Christian disciple today?

Length - 1:02:43 - Recorded on October 29, 2017

MinistryListen to Episode 2:
Ministry Around the Church

Guest Bishop Neff Powell joins members of diocesan staff from the Diocese of California and the people of Church of Our Saviour in a wide-ranging conversation about ministry in the diocese and wider church, along with a bit of history of the Diocese, The Episcopal Church, and the worldwide Anglican Communion.

Length - 58:20 - Recorded on July 2, 2017

Henry VIIIListen to Episode 1:
Tyrants, Demagogues, and Democracy:
How do Christians Respond?

Catch the inaugural episode of a Word from the Edge as Dr. Dryden Liddle and Br. Richard Edward discuss the historical roots of the current political moment, and a Christian response.

Length - 1:14:49 - Recorded on February 19, 2017


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