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In Memorian: Graeme L. MacDonald

Memorial Service
February 19th, 2011

by The Rev. Richard E. Helmer

Graeme's God, our God, Jesus tells us in the gospel this day is the host of a house with many rooms, many dwelling places. Jesus' Way reflected in Graeme's own unique, characteristic fashion is not found in a book or distilled into doctrine, but is rather lived in the ups and downs of relationships; it unfolds in the context of generous hospitality. Graeme showed us that life is indeed "a feast of rich food, a feast of well-matured wines." Perhaps our only challenge is that we all too often claim that we are too busy to stop and partake. Graeme refused to fall into that trap. What a great witness to all of us. Without him the world is a far less interesting place. Perhaps that calls us all to take up his work of making it more interesting again together.



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